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Woman in workout gear running.

Workout of the Week: Tempo Run

Tempo runs aren’t the most glamorous of hard runs, but they’re critical to helping you run faster and stronger.

Road cyclist doing sweet spot work along a rugged coastline.

Workout of the Week: Sweet Spot 20s

If you have a lot of races lined up this season, don’t forget to make time for some sweet spot work to maintain your high-end aerobic fitness.

Smiling mother and daughter duo looking at each other after going for a run.

How Parents Can Support Their Young Athletes

Understanding the roles you and your child’s coach have in their athletic development can foster a healthy relationship with sports and teach beneficial life skills to take into adulthood.

Rear view of a woman running up stairs at an outdoor stadium

Workout of the Week: Stairs

Speedskaters run stairs to work the legs and build cardiovascular fitness. For runners, this workout builds leg strength and helps give you a more explosive stride.