Favorite Workouts of Fast Talk All-Stars, Part 4

Fast Talk all-star guests including Dr. Iñigo San Millán, Kendra Wenzel, Joe Friel, Lennard Zinn, and Brent Bookwalter reveal their favorite workouts.

We ask every guest of Fast Talk—coach, athlete, or scientist—to describe their favorite workout—the what, why, how, and when.  

This episode, we share the favorite workouts of physiologist and Tour de France winning coach Iñigo San Millán, former professional cyclist Brent Bookwalter, coach Kendra Wenzel, coach and athlete Renee Eastman, legendary author Joe Friel, Zwift athlete Dr Jennifer Real, and tech legend Lennard Zinn.  

In this collection of their favorite workouts we were surprised by how focused our experts were on keeping their workouts fun verses being overly structured. 

For more workouts of Fast Talk All-Stars, check out part 1 part 2, and part 3 of this series. 

Episode Transcript

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