Q&A on Travel and Training, CTL, Race Prep, and Big Gear LSD Rides, with Kendra Wenzel

Coach Kendra Wenzel helps us answer questions on balancing training and travel, final race prep, big gear work on LSD rides, pushing through or pulling the plug, and training races.

Coach Kendra Wenzel

With the help of Kendra Wenzel, co-founder and head coach at Wenzel Coaching, we field questions on how to manage training when you have a busy travel schedule, when to get intensity during the week before a race, incorporating big gear work into your LSD rides, and knowing when to push through or when to pull the plug on a workout.

Travel and training

This first question comes from Steve Herman in Dayton, Ohio. He writes:

“I recently took a new job that requires a significant travel schedule. Typically, about once or twice per month, I’ll have a two- to three-day trip, but sometimes more. I can control when I travel to some extent, but not completely. So far, I’ve been planning my workouts around my trips and vice versa, i.e., digging an ATL “hole” and using the time off the bike while away from home to recover. This can’t be optimal. Now that I’m in the off-season, I’ve been thinking about incorporating running to eventually build up my ability to do high-intensity and/or long duration workouts while traveling. What are your thoughts on that idea? Is there some way to translate work done while running to work done on the bike? Is there a better way to deal with this?”

Training camp before a big race

Our next question on travel comes from Susan Squam in Buffalo, New York. She writes:

“I have my target race coming up towards the end of August. It’s a three-day stage race. I want to do a big training camp before the race, but I was wondering how much rest I need between the end of the camp and the race? The race starts on a Friday and I’m flying there on the Wednesday night. Does finishing my camp on the Sunday before give me enough time?”

HIT work in final race prep

This question comes from Lasse in Lillehammer, Norway. He writes:

“I am planning to run a 14-mile [running] race on Saturday. How many days before the race should I refrain from doing a HIT workout? Can I do one Thursday and then have Friday to recover or is two days out too close? If two days is too close, can I focus the HIT workout on upper body on Thursday? Will that leave my legs fresh for the race on Saturday?”

When to push through or pull the plug

This question comes from David Sutter in Carbondale, Colorado. He writes:

“Should I suspend training if I am feeling exhausted or push through with a shorter zone 2 workout? Am I negating gains that could be realized by not allowing for adequate recovery? When I see CTL drop on TrainingPeaks, it makes me think I’m losing fitness, but I think that is a maybe a flaw with CTL?”

Effective use of training races

This question comes from Amos Kirkpatrick in Burbank, California. He writes:

“I’m not a big interval guy. I love to get my intensity through training races. Most weeks, I’ll do the group ride on the weekend, a training race on Tuesdays, and another training race on Thursdays when work allows. Is this an effective approach to keep me strong throughout the season and to prepare for my target event?”

Big gear work on your LSD rides?

Our final question comes from Scott in Greensboro, North Carolina. He writes:

“Is there any benefit to doing the long, slow rides at a slow grinding cadence? I do mine indoors on rollers. My thought process would be that the low cadence (60 rpm or lower) would fatigue the slow-twitch muscles quicker, thus, recruiting the fast twitch muscles to work sooner.”

Photo Credit: Yomex Owo via Unsplash

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