Innovative Approaches to Base Training, with The Cycling Gym

We discuss ways to stay motivated, add variety to your training methods, reinvigorate your work ethic, and improve performance for next season.

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Base training has traditionally been all about long, slow rides. But that’s tough if you live in the northern hemisphere and you hate the cold, or lack the necessary equipment to ride safely outdoors when road conditions might be perilous and light is limited. Today, we’re discussing how best to deal with those challenges that plague the northern hemisphere this time of year. (Apologies to all of our friends in the southern hemisphere!) Does it kill your motivation to ride? Do you feel the fitness literally draining from your body? Don’t let it! The darkness, cold temperatures, and perilous road conditions of the winter months don’t have to be any sort of barrier. In fact, as you’ll learn in this episode, this time of year is the perfect time to find a host of new ways to stay motivated, add variety to your training methods, try something new, reinvigorate your work ethic, and, ultimately, set yourself up to improve performance when the racing begins later in the year.

Our primary guests today are Andrew Randell and Steve Neal, the owners of Toronto’s The Cycling Gym, joined by one of their athletes, Jeremiah Groen, someone who we imagine is similar to a lot of our listeners: “I’m a very amateur cyclist, don’t do many races; I mostly just want to be fit.” These three Canadians don’t care about the winter blues! Their advice? Get brave and get outside. Yes, even in the dark and even in the snow. But if you can’t or won’t go outside, they have plenty of sage advice on how best to hit the gym, the trainer, or the weight room to get the most, and the most balance, out of your training sessions. We’ll also hear from pro roadie Erica Clevenger. She divulges some of her favorite methods of cross-training. All that and much more, including some tech advice from Lennard Zinn. By the end of this episode, you’ll understand that using the base season properly to prepare for the build to come and the all-important race season to follow can be a very enjoyable time of year. Now, let’s make you fast!

Primary Guest Andrew Randall and Steve Neal: Co-owners of Toronto’s The Cycling Gym
Secondary Guests Jeremiah Groen: An athlete from The Cycling Gym Erica Clevenger: Pro cyclists with Tibco-Silicon Valley Bank Lennard Zinn: Legendary tech guru and author

Episode Transcript

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