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Steve Neal

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Coach Neal has over 30 years’ experience coaching elite and masters cyclists on the road and trail. As an early adopter of the INSCYD metabolic fitness test, Neal has become one of the leading INSCYD coaches in North America with over 100 tests and in-depth analysis offered to athletes of all abilities. Steve was cofounder of The Cycling Gym in Toronto and ran a lively discussion board of club members.

He is a lifelong athlete with competitive experience in hockey, lacrosse, cross-country skiing, triathlon, and mountain biking.

Steve is a Level 3 certified mountain bike coach, FaCT Level 3 certified test centre, and Functional Movement Screen certified. Steve owned and operated a CrossFit gym and has over 15 years of strength and conditioning coaching. He was cofounder of The Cycling Gym in Toronto. Steve has coached mountain bikers, elite Canadian national team cyclists, and top masters athletes and coaches a roster of athletes through his coaching business, Steve Neal Performance.

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