Dr. Andy Pruitt

Dr. Andy Pruitt, EdD

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He has over 40 years of experience on the sidelines and in the clinic. Dr. Pruitt was the Founder of the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, which has become a model for current multi-disciplinary sports medicine centers.

He was the first to ever use 3D motion capture to study cycling biomechanics and has taught performance and medical bike fitting globally.

He was a pioneer in the design of ergonomically correct cycling shoes and saddles best known of the Body Geometry Shoes and saddles from Specialized. He was the Chief Medical Officer for the 1996 Olympics and USA Cycling from 1992-96. As a paralympic cyclist, he is a two-time World Champion.


Fast Talk Podcast NormaTec

Recovery Pathway

It’s often undervalued, and sometimes altogether ignored; but it shouldn’t be. Recovery from workouts is as important to the training process as the workouts themselves. With the help of Dr. Stephen Seiler, Dr. Shona Halson, Dr. Andy Pruitt, and many others, we examine this critical but often neglected component of exercise physiology.
Male Saddle Diseases Andy Pruitt

Saddle Sores and Other Male “Saddle Diseases”

Saddle sores, numbness, and erectile dysfunction are just a few of the issues that can hamper male cyclists. Dr. Andy Pruitt details how to avoid these and other cycling saddle problems.
the knee is the victim with Dr. Andy Pruitt

The Knee Is the Victim

Because the knee is caught between the hip and the foot, it often bears the brunt of biomechanical pedaling forces, which leads to injuries. Dr. Andy Pruitt explains why.
Dr. Andy Pruitt conducts bike fit

How to Choose a Bike Fitter

Finding a good bike fitter can be challenging. Dr. Andy Pruitt, a pioneer in bike fit, explains the many nuances of choosing the best fitter for you.
Fast Talk Laboratories Knee Health Pathway

Knee Health Pathway

Healthy knees are critical for cyclists. See how to keep your knees happy with bike fit, strength training, mobility, and expert advice from Dr. Andy Pruitt, Jess Elliott, and Menachem Brodie.
blood in test tubes

Demystifying Your Blood Profile

A blood profile can help athletes track progress and diagnose issues—but they need to know what to look for and work with a physician to interpret the data. This article will help to demystify your blood profile.