Dr. Andy Pruitt

Dr. Andy Pruitt, EdD

Dr. Andrew L. Pruitt was the founder of the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine and instrumental in creating the Sports Performance Department at the University of Colorado Sports Medicine and Performance Center, which have become models for multi-disciplinary sports medicine centers.

Dr. Pruitt has over 40 years of experience in the clinic and working with amateur and elite athletes all over the world. Dr. Pruitt was first to develop the use of 3D motion capture video analysis to study the biomechanics of cyclists, triathletes, and distance runners.

Andy Pruitt was a pioneer in the design of ergonomically correct cycling shoes and saddles, creating the Body Geometry series for Specialized Bicycles.

Dr. Pruitt was the Chief Medical Officer for the 1996 Olympics and USA Cycling from 1992-96. As a paralympic cyclist, Pruitt is a two-time World Champion.