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A cyclist dressed in black rides out of the saddle against a black background

The True Definition of Threshold

Your lactate threshold may not be what you think it is. Coach Trevor Connor explores the true definition of this physiological turn point.

Training with Zwift, the virtual cycling and running training platform

How to Get the Most from Training with Zwift

If you are training with Zwift, don’t miss this guide from exercise physiologist Rob Pickels, who explores best practices for this virtual cycling and running platform.

The Science Behind Going Slow to Be Fast

The concepts of central and peripheral conditioning help explain why an effective training base period leads to speed and durability in the race season.

The Good Coach

What Makes a Good Coach?

With perspective from over 40 years of coaching experience, Joe Friel shares his detailed list of qualities that make a good coach.

Planning Skills

Develop Your Planning Skills

Joe Friel explores the development of annual training plans, short-term plans, and matters beyond sport-specific workouts.

Teaching Skills

Hone Your Teaching Skills

Joe Friel explains the keys to becoming both a good coach and teacher, and taking ownership in an athlete’s progress.

USA Cycling coach celebrates with cyclocross athlete

1 // Building a Foundation for Success in Coaching

Coach Joe Friel details what it takes to be a good, happy, and successful coach, then shares how coaches can build the eight most important skills an effective coach must have.

Coach Rebecca Gross

Coach Rebecca Gross

Learn about Coach Rebecca Gross’s coaching style, philosophy, and methodology.

Complete Guide to Indoor Cycling, Zwift, and Smart Trainers for Cycling and Spinning

Indoor Cycling Pathway

Used strategically, riding inside can be a beneficial way to keep motivation high, effectively add intensity, and stave off winter training doldrums. With the help of Joe Friel, Dr. Stephen Seiler, and others, we explore all aspects of indoor cycling.