Author: Trevor Connor


The Science Behind Going Slow to Be Fast

The concepts of central and peripheral conditioning help explain why an effective training base period leads to speed and durability in the race season.
The Good Coach

What Makes a Good Coach?

With perspective from over 40 years of coaching experience, Joe Friel shares his detailed list of qualities that make a good coach.
Running Coach Franz Stampfl

Profiles in Coaching: Franz Stampfl

You’ve heard of Roger Bannister, but do you know who coached him? Joe Friel profiles the legendary and successful Franz Stampfl.
Ashton Lambie wins individual pursuit world title

What Makes a Successful Coach?

Joe Friel details the attributes and skills it takes to be a successful coach—and produce successful athletes.
Coaching Expertise

Assess Your Coaching Expertise

Joe Friel introduces the eight skill sets and knowledge bases he believes are critical for becoming an effective coach.
People Skills

Improve Your Interpersonal Skills

Joe Friel explains why people skills are the most important talent required to become an effective and successful coach, and how to improve them.
Analytical Skills

Extend Your Analytical Skills

Joe Friel details the ways in which coaches can identify strengths and weaknesses in movement patterns, motivation, and training execution.
Planning Skills

Develop Your Planning Skills

Joe Friel explores the development of annual training plans, short-term plans, and matters beyond sport-specific workouts.
Teaching Skills

Hone Your Teaching Skills

Joe Friel explains the keys to becoming both a good coach and teacher, and taking ownership in an athlete's progress.