Workout of the Month: Gravel Ride

Coach Ryan Kohler explains the best way to improve durability so you can consistently and repeatedly ride a strong tempo.

Gravel racing requires a high degree of focus and fitness. These pieces need to be applied judiciously throughout the event and paired with solid nutrition for a strong finish.

In this video, Coach Ryan Kohler introduces one of his favorite race-specific workouts that he has used to prepare his athletes for big events like Unbound Gravel, MTB events like the Leadville 100, and even road events such as the Maratona dles Dolomites.

Successful athletes know that they need to be able to ride a strong pace early on in the ride (we all do, right?), and then maintain a high percentage of their initial pace/power over the latter half of the event. When most of us are fatiguing and dreading the final few climbs of the day, these successful athletes are highlighting their durability by laying down steady tempo efforts in those last few, critical hours.

It is that ability to consistently and repeatedly ride a strong tempo that separates them from the rest of the pack. And this workout will help you gain that very ability.

Our video workshop on how to analyze a gravel ride like this will be published soon. Stay tuned.