Jana Martin

Jana Martin

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Jana Martin is the producer of Fast Talk, Cycling in Alignment, and Fast Talk Laboratories streaming media content.

She graduated from the University of Colorado School of Journalism and Mass Communication with a B.S. in broadcast news journalism.

She was an ice skating teacher and coach for over eight years at the YMCA of Boulder Valley in Lafayette where she also served as the Learn to Skate Coordinator.


tired runner

Don’t Kill What You Love

Hard to define and often difficult to recognize, burnout is not only a mental struggle, it can also have physical symptoms. We explore the causes and consequences of burnout, and ways to keep the flame alive.
Jana Martin at Crooked Gravel

Transformative Endurance Challenges

Can a simple bike race change you forever? Jana, Ryan, Trevor, and Chris describe the lessons they learned in each of their respective N1 Challenges.
Jana Martin Crooked Gravel Winter Park

N:1 Challenge Pre-Race Game Face

For Jana Martin, it's race week. The training is done. Crooked Gravel awaits. Is Jana feeling nerves? Or is her game face already on?
N1 Challenge riders

How to Assess and Modify Training Mid-Season

Making a mid-season assessment of your training, and effectively modifying it (if needed), takes skill and confidence. We discuss how to do it, particularly when it comes to structure, recovery, limited time, and top-end form.
sports nutrition for beginners

Sports Nutrition for Beginners

Eating properly for the demands of endurance sports can be challenging, especially if you're new to sport. We explore common misconceptions and pitfalls for the beginner endurance athlete.