How to Assess and Modify Training Mid-Season

Making a mid-season assessment of your training, and effectively modifying it (if needed), takes skill and confidence. We discuss how to do it, particularly when it comes to structure, recovery, limited time, and top-end form.

N1 Challenge riders

Coach Trevor Connor and Chris Case, as well as Coach Ryan Kohler and Fast Talk producer Jana Martin, all chose an N1 Challenge in the fall of 2020. Now, part way through the training and preparation for their big events, they discuss what they’ve learned and the adjustments they’ve made to keep themselves on track.

The premise of the N1 Challenge is that each of the four riders is an experiment of one (n = 1); however, each rider’s training experience can offer lessons for everyone.

For Jana, who is new to cycling and is preparing for a gravel race in the Colorado mountains, that has meant incorporating more structured riding into her program and being mindful of the intensity at which she rides.

For Ryan, a time-crunched husband and father of two who is preparing for Breck Epic, a six-stage mountain bike race, he has found new ways to be creative when planning his weeks.

Trevor, who at the age of 50 is hoping to remain competitive in the pro field at the Joe Martin Stage Race, has been reminded just how hard he needs to train to find that last 10 percent of his form.

Finally, Chris reveals his struggles to determine just how much recovery he needs after big training blocks and camps as he prepares for his first ultra-cycling, bikepacking race.

Episode Transcript

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