Training Concepts

Periodization, polarized training, interval workouts—your performance depends on how you train. Master the key training concepts in endurance sports and you will look at every workout with new eyes.

How to Assess and Modify Training Mid-Season

Episode 167

Making a mid-season assessment of your training, and effectively modifying it (if needed), takes skill and confidence. We discuss how to do it, particularly when it comes to structure, recovery, limited time, and top-end form.

Effective Two-A-Day Workout Strategies, with Neal Henderson

Episode 166

Can cycling twice in one day produce the same benefits as one long ride? Do "two-a-days" yield adaptations you can't get any other way? We explore.

Training Principles from the 1980s Are (Still) All You Need, with Jeff Winkler

Episode 163

With regard to physiology principles, what has and has not changed since the 1980s? We compare the science, equipment, and analysis software, then and now. Which decade wins? Stay tuned.

A Deep Dive on Interval Execution

Learn how and why you should select certain intervals, how to integrate them into your training plan, when to do them, and how to properly execute them.

Best Practices for Building a Training Camp

Coaches Ryan Kohler and Trevor Connor discuss tips, tricks, and the underlying principles to help you design a training camp.

Training Camps for Time-Crunched Athletes

Just because you have limited time doesn’t mean you can’t create a training plan that involves an overload stimulus. We show you how.

Forget Marginal Gains and Focus on the Fundamentals

Episode 153

In an age when athletes often focus on the specifics, we address the importance of focusing on the fundamentals: training, recovery, and functioning gear—the things that will bring you the greatest return for your investment of time, sweat, and energy.

Training in Alignment

Episode 37

How much training is too much? Where is the drop-off in terms of time spent training and race-day results?

If Dr. Stephen Seiler Were Your Dad, How Would You Train? Part 1

If your dad were a world-class exercise physiologist like, say, Dr. Stephen Seiler, how would you train? Probably pretty effectively. In this case study of one, Dr. Seiler chats with his daughter and runner, Siren, to review her career and training methods.

Why and How to Monitor Athlete Training Loads

Dr. Stephen Seiler speaks at the Aspire Academy on why and how to monitor athlete training loads.