Polarized Training

Dr. Stephen Seiler is a pioneer and leading researcher of polarized training in endurance sports. Learn from Dr. Seiler and other renowned experts to learn how you can master this effective training methodology.

Applying the Polarized Training Model, with Dr. Stephen Seiler

Episode 54

Dr. Stephen Seiler breaks down the application of the polarized training model, addressing what is meant by the two thresholds — LT1 and LT2 — how to determine yours. We also discuss why it’s important not to over-estimate LT1 or LT2, and how to use them to determine your zones in a three-zone model.

Unpacking the Gospel of Joe Friel’s New “Training Bible”

Episode 50

We talk with Joe Friel about the newest edition of his bestselling cycling training book The Cyclist's Training Bible. We touched on everything from periodization to energy systems, to Joe’s method of research…which believe it or not, has a lot to do with hundreds of 3”x5” note cards.

Which Is Better: Polarization or Sweet Spot?

Episode 14

Which is better, sweet spot training or polarized training? To find out, we invited in proponents of each type of training — FasCat’s Frank Overton on the sweet spot side, and Boulder Center for Sports Medicine’s Ryan Kohler to advocate for a polarized model — and let them have at it.