Polarized Training

Dr. Stephen Seiler is a pioneer and leading researcher of polarized training in endurance sports. Learn from Dr. Seiler and other renowned experts to learn how you can master this effective training methodology.

Polarized Training Throughout the Season

Coach Trevor Connor details how to apply the polarized training method and distribute intensity across your entire season.

From Polarized to Individually Optimized Endurance Training in 5 Steps

Exercise physiologist Dr. Stephen Seiler walks through five steps for turning polarized training into a more personalized approach.

Dr. Seiler Answers Five Great Endurance Questions

Dr. Stephen Seiler answers five endurance training questions on heart rate, zones, polarized training, rest, and much more.

Polarized Training—”Ordinary Workouts Done Extraordinarily Well”—with Dr. Stephen Seiler and Trevor Connor

Dr. Stephen Seiler and Trevor Connor discuss polarized training, intensity distribution, and endurance in this webinar with CKO Sprint.

Q&A on Goal Setting, Cyclocross Training, Polarized Training as You Age, and Cross Training with Grant Holicky

Head Coach Ryan Kohler and Grant Holicky field questions on goal setting, cyclocross training, polarized training as you age, and cross training.

If Dr. Stephen Seiler Were Your Dad, How Would You Train? Part 1

If your dad were a world-class exercise physiologist like, say, Dr. Stephen Seiler, how would you train? Probably pretty effectively. In this case study of one, Dr. Seiler chats with his daughter and runner, Siren, to review her career and training methods.

Polarized Training: Managing the Distribution of Training Intensity

Dr. Seiler presents on the topic of training intensity when using polarized training.

Moving from Polarized Training to Personally Optimized Training

Dr. Stephen Seiler presents the reasons, methods, and benefits of moving from a polarized training template to a more personalized, optimized training method that is still based on polarized training.

An Introduction to Polarized Training

Dr. Stephen Seiler introduces polarized training during this in-studio podcast with FLO Cycling.

Go Slow to Be Fast

The concepts of central and peripheral conditioning help explain why an effective training base period leads to speed and durability in the race season.