Q&A on Goal Setting, Cyclocross Training, Polarized Training as You Age, and Cross Training with Grant Holicky

Head Coach Ryan Kohler and Grant Holicky field questions on goal setting, cyclocross training, polarized training as you age, and cross training.

Head Coach Ryan Kohler and Grant Holicky of Forever Endurance field questions on how to set goals, training for cyclocross, adding cross training without compromising your primary sport, the best ways for older athletes to reap the rewards of polarized training, and more.

4:26 – How do you set goals and how has COVID affected goal-setting this past year?

25:28 – How do cyclocross athletes fill their time in December and January to prepare for the upcoming ‘cross season?

40:53 – How should I add cross training and other endurance activities to my overall training load without compromising my main sport/focus?

49:44 – A 69-year-old member asks: “I’m doing polarized training, mostly long slow distance rides and once weekly interval training, this enough variance for someone at this age?”