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Training Metrics

Joe Friel provides an overview of the key training metrics that help coaches quantify training load and plan for performance.

Troubleshooting Performance Plateaus

Joe Friel addresses the problems that athletes most commonly face en route to their goals: training plateaus, inconsistent training or lack of motivation, inadequate sleep, and prioritizing performance at the expense of health.
Julie Debits coaching an athlete

Is Your Athlete Approaching Their Athletic Potential?

There's a fine line separating performance and athletic potential—and ambition can easily blur an athlete's judgment and decision-making. This case study highlights an athlete hoping to qualify to compete in triathlon's debut at the Olympic Games. It illustrates the real consequences of overtraining, the road back to racing, and how training load can be better managed to avoid the high-stakes gamble altogether.

Race-Day Readiness

In this video, Joe Friel discusses how best to bring an athlete to form by striking the right balance between fitness and fatigue. It can be a fine line—and will be different for every athlete.

How to Gain Wisdom in the Aftermath of Racing

Every coach will be involved in athletic performances that fall short of expectations, leaving both the coach and the athlete dissatisfied. What is the best way to handle these situations? In the aftermath of failure and disappointment, the coach needs to gather and analyze the available evidence, thinking through exactly what led to the poor performance, and then make decisions about how to get the athlete back on track before the next competition.

Workout of the Month: Sprints

Trevor Connor and Rob Pickels run through one of their favorite sprint workouts, and share some helpful tips and tricks.