Q&A on Nutrition for Long Rides, the Hour Record, and Strength & Conditioning at Home

Ryan, Trevor, and Chris field questions on nutrition, strength training at home, the Hour Record, plyometrics, and more.

Head Coach Ryan Kohler, Coach Trevor Connor, and Chris Case field questions on nutrition for long, slow distance rides, power data during an hour record attempt, strength and conditioning work that can be done at home, plyometrics, and much more.

1:07 How to fuel during long rides: Is there a general rule about what you should and shouldn’t eat during long rides?

8:49 How did this 150-mile ride compare to something like Unbound (formerly DK200)?: Does a 150-mile ride with friends compare to what you go through at a 200-mile race? Not exactly.

11:00 How structured would you be at Unbound versus a ride like this?

13:20 Chris, what was your emotional response when you learned you lost all your data during your Hour Record attempt?

18:05 How can I do weights when the gym is closed? Tips and tricks to turn your home into all the weight room you need.

27:12 What do you think about plyometric exercises when one has been strongly “urged” to avoid impact activities?

32:08 How have you been able to get the right mentality for doing weights at home?