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Change up your workouts—and understand the how and why—with these Fast Talk Labs workouts.

Our coaches and special guests share exercises and workout sessions to help you develop specific fitness adaptations.

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Woman performing box jump plyos

Workout of the Week: Plyos

Counteract your low-impact endurance training with high-impact, multidirectional movements to protect yourself from stress injuries.

Man reaching down to grab a drink while riding his smart trainer

Workout of the Week: Smart Intervals

Have this aerobic capacity workout ready to reset your motivation the next time your outdoor ride is squandered by extreme weather or poor air quality.

Two cyclists motor pacing behind a red car on a sunny day

Workout of the Week: Motor Pacing

Use motor pacing—purposeful riding behind a scooter, moped, or e-bike—to add race-specific intensity into your training while working on skills and confidence at higher speeds.