Workout of the Week: Stephen Hyde’s 5x5s

These 5 sets of 5 minutes are a favorite of coach Stephen Hyde and allow the rider to train in different scenarios leading up to race day.

Cyclist riding along the coast at sunset

Cycling coach and former professional BMX, road, and cyclocross racer Stephen Hyde has described 5x5s as a cornerstone workout for himself and his athletes. He likes the structure of the workout as it can be adjusted for any time in the year, and for its versatility.

“It can be done indoors or outdoors,” Hyde says. “It gives the athlete an opportunity to play with their approach and see more different results from it, because you’re not throwing a lot of variables at it. So whether you eat between, eat more before, whether you drink more, whether you’re on a hill or flat, you play with RPMs, whether you use music or whatever.”

This is a difficult workout that will push your maximum aerobic power as much as your mental strength. Leading up to a competition, the recovery length is shorter at 3 to 5 minutes, but as an early season workout you can rest between 5 to 8 minutes.

Workout of the Week: Stephen Hyde’s 5x5s


15 min. steady riding

Main set

5 sets:

5 min. @ 110-115% FTP
4 min. in Zone 2


10 min. easy pedaling