Planning Your Season

A good training plan can make or break your season, and creating a good training plan starts with your goals and your strategy. Our coaches and experts can show you how to set achievable goals, create a complementary training approach, and design your own training plan that’s adjustable throughout the season.

Polarized Training Throughout the Season

Coach Trevor Connor details how to apply the polarized training method and distribute intensity across your entire season.

Best Practices for Building a Training Camp

Coaches Ryan Kohler and Trevor Connor discuss tips, tricks, and the underlying principles to help you design a training camp.

From Polarized to Individually Optimized Endurance Training in 5 Steps

Exercise physiologist Dr. Stephen Seiler walks through five steps for turning polarized training into a more personalized approach.

Training Camps for Time-Crunched Athletes

Just because you have limited time doesn’t mean you can’t create a training plan that involves an overload stimulus. We show you how.

How to Develop a Yearly Training Plan

We review the art and science of developing and maintaining an annual training plan, which helps athletes progress and perform at their best.

An Exploration of “Social Training Tools”

We explore whether Strava and other new training apps can make you faster, and how to effectively fit them into a structured training plan.

How to Plan Your Base Season

We discuss the nuances of base season planning, from the appropriate intensity distribution to the time it takes to produce gains from both aerobic and anaerobic work, and much more.

Climbing Mountains and Orbiting Planets: Reframing Your Mentality around Season Planning

Episode 40

Learn how to reframe your mindset about training. Let's throw away outdated athletic goals in terms of "climbing mountains." Rather, think about your athletic journey as an orbital path with your Dream, Goal, or Objective at one point, three-quarters of the way around the orbit.

The North Star: Setting Goals to Give You Direction, with Will Murray

Coach and author Will Murray joins Coach Ryan Kohler for a discussion of what makes a useful set of goals, how to develop them, the psychology of goals, and much more.

What 2020 Taught Us and the Exciting Places 2021 Will Take Us

Episode 147

What lessons did we learn from a challenging 2020? What event or adventure plans do we have in 2021? We dive in.