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Planning Your Season

A good training plan can make or break your season, and creating a good training plan starts with your goals and your strategy. Our coaches and experts can show you how to set achievable goals, create a complementary training approach, and design your own training plan that’s adjustable throughout the season.

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Revisiting Episode 3: How to Structure Your Training Plan

In the very early days of Fast Talk, our hosts summarized – in only 20 minutes – how to map out your training week. In today’s episode we revisit that summary to see just how good a job we did back then.

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How to Extend Your Season

Finding another month or two in the legs may be more about careful management of fatigue and having a little more fun.

Fast Talk Podcast: Endurance Sports Training and Nutrition from Fast Talk Laboratories

Are You Ready for Race Season?

In this week’s episode, our hosts talk about the best work to do leading into the race season, getting meditative during intervals, and preparing for an epic event.

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Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

In this week’s show, we talk about training over the holidays, why discomfort is important to our development, and our goals for 2023.

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3 // Mapping a Season of Training

Anyone can make a training plan. But a good coach knows how to plan a season that unlocks an athlete’s true potential. Joe Friel is joined by a full line-up of master coaches in this module that will expand your thinking.

Process for Goal Setting and Season Planning

Onboarding New Athletes

Goal assessment and season planning are two details you must attend to in taking on a new athlete.