Q&A on the Art of Listening to Your Body, Ketogenic Diets, and the GLUT4 Transporter, with Guest Coach Kristen Legan

Rambleur Rising coach and elite gravel racer Kristen Legan answers your many insightful questions on the art of listening to your body, ketogenic diets, glucose transport, and much more.

Kristen Legan Fast Talk Podcast Q&A
Kristen Legan

In today’s episode, we’ve invited Rambleur Rising coach and elite gravel racer Kristen Legan to help answer your many insightful questions.

To give you a broader range of coaching opinions, Kristen joins Trevor and me to talk about the art of listening to your body, ketogenic diets, glucose transport, and much more. Kristen has a varied and lengthy elite career, first as a swimmer, then pro triathlete, and now a gravel and cyclocross specialist. She’s also a coach to many ultra-endurance athletes.

Now, on to your questions.

Devin K. in Seattle asks about the clues he should look for when doing a workout, in order to know when to gut it out or bail due to fatigue.

Next, Cary B. in the UK wants to know if there is an intensity or duration at which GLUT4 transporters are activated. We discuss why GLUT4 is important for endurance athletes.

Coach Connor answers several questions from Daan K. in Amsterdam about the ketogenic diet and episode 46 with Professor Noakes.

We’ve received several questions about preparing for events at altitude. If you live at sea level, what is the best way to prepare yourself and train for events at altitude? We dive in.

Finally, our gravel guru, Kristen, gives Taylor M. some advice on how to improve her long-haul gravel race tactics and techniques. Let’s make you fast!


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Episode Transcript

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