Overreaching And Overtraining

The terms overtrained, overreached, and burned out are part of the endurance sports lexicon. Often these terms are used synonymously, but there are many nuanced differences between these conditions.

Research on overtraining syndrome is in its nascent phase, and much is still to be learned about the complex hormonal and physiological complications that can lead to this debilitating condition.

On the other hand, while the term hasn’t long been defined in the scientific literature, overreaching is a training method with a long history.

Then there’s burnout—the lack of motivation or mental fatigue that most likely all of us have experienced at some point.

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How Polarized Training Can Save You From Overreaching

It can be very easy to train at a moderate intensity all the time, which can be a surefire way to land in an overreached state. Polarized training can help prevent that—and in this video, Dr. Seiler explains how.
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Don’t Kill What You Love

Hard to define and often difficult to recognize, burnout is not only a mental struggle, it can also have physical symptoms. We explore the causes and consequences of burnout, and ways to keep the flame alive.