Bonus Q&A on Intensity Vs. Volume, Overtraining, Lab Testing, and More

In episode 92, we answer questions on how to structure your training, overtraining, and laboratory testing.

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For this first bonus episode, we’re doing a bit of everything. For starters, during our episode a few weeks back with The Cycling Gym, we recorded an analysis of some recent physiological research. Trevor hadn’t done a nerd bomb in a while and was feeling the need. But it didn’t really fit with the episode. So, we’ll start with Trevor’s summary of a few studies and what they say about how to structure your training. We’ll also answer listener questions on overtraining, laboratory testing, and much more.

Let’s make you fast!


1.Clemente-Suarez, V.J., et al., Amateur endurance triathletes’ performance is improved independently of volume or intensity based training. Physiol Behav, 2019. 205: p. 2-8. 
2. McGawley, K., et al., No Additional Benefits of Block- Over Evenly-Distributed High-Intensity Interval Training within a Polarized Microcycle. Frontiers in Physiology, 2017. 8(413). 
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Episode Transcript

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