Potluck Discussion: Angling Our Hoods, Reconsidering Long Thresholds, and Extreme Measures

We have a wide range of odd and interesting topics for you in this week's show.

potluck 4 sunset photo
Is riding at sunset good for your training? Co-host Rob Pickels poses this question in the show—and this photo was taken by Pickels while riding near Louisville, Colorado.

Welcome to another potluck conversation with regulars Grant Hollicky, Trevor Connor, and Rob Pickels. In these discussions, we pick topics that we find interesting and break them apart using a mix of science, humor and our own experience.

Should We Angle Our Hoods?

It’s becoming increasingly popular among younger cyclists to angle the hoods on their bars inwards. However, many of the older generations don’t like the trend. Coach Holicky asks, who has it right? Should we really even care? Or is the best answer just “you do you”? 

Are Longer Threshold Intervals Just As Good As Our Favorite 5x5s and 4×8 Minute Intervals? 

Coach Connor has been an advocate of shorter threshold work with very short recoveries such as 5×5 minute thresholds with one-minute rests and 4×8 minute intervals with two-minute rests. However, this year he’s been feeling a need for a change. Connor was shocked to find he really enjoys 2×20 minute intervals. The question is whether they are just good as his OG threshold work?

What Extreme Measures Have We Gone to For Racing and Training?

Physiologist and adventure rider Rob Pickels asks the group what extreme measures they have taken for the sake of their training. With this roundtable, the team wasn’t short on answers, but the more important question was whether these measures demonstrated commitment or were they simply bad choices at the time?  

Get ready for some interesting conversations—and let’s make you fast! 

We’re sure many of you have had similar experiences. Please share with the rest of our listeners in the forum discussion. 

Episode Transcript

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