Is FTP Dead?

We take on a controversial subject: FTP or functional threshold power. Is FTP dead?

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In this episode of Fast Talk, we take on a controversial subject: FTP or functional threshold power.

Recently, a big debate kicked up on the Internet. Some cycling experts stated that Functional Threshold Power (FTP) was dead. Many of the big names in training got involved in the debate of the value of FTP, as well as what is and isn’t current when it comes to creating a rider’s power profile and determining their training zones.

We didn’t get involved in the debate–we consider everyone in the debate to be friends at Fast Talk–but we also couldn’t resist a good scientific question.

So, we got a number of top coaches into a room to hash out this important question: What is the best way for cyclists to determine their individual training profiles?

Let’s make you fast.

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Episode Transcript

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