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Coach Neal Henderson

Learn about Coach Neal Henderson's coaching style, philosophy, and methodology.

Coach Neal Henderson

Coaching style: Democratic

I use an athlete-centered approach that relies on positive reinforcement and democratic methods to help athletes reach their goals.


I use a combination of research-informed sports science principles and practical training methods to improve the physical capacities and psychological abilities an athlete needs to achieve peak performances.

By employing an objective assessment of physical and physiological capacity across a range of intensities, I can ensure accurate targets are set for high-intensity training sessions specific to each athlete’s unique abilities.

I work with each athlete to identify their strengths and weaknesses in order to weaponize their strengths and address or reduce weaknesses. Here’s my systematic approach to the progression of training:
1) Initiation of proper movement, 2) Recruitment of maximal speed, force, and power, 3) Sustain a given output for progressively longer durations based on the demands of the sport/event; and 4) Repeat: Improve the athlete’s capacity to repeat efforts as needed to achieve success.


Through a combination of sports science and practical training methods, I help athletes achieve peak endurance experiences.

What makes an athlete a good fit for your philosophy/methodology?

I work best with athletes who are willing to challenge their training dogma and actively engage in the coaching process by providing data and subjective feedback. This helps to guide the training process. When athletes enter the coaching process as a willing participant and are open to trying new training ideas and techniques, they are the kinds of athletes who will have the most success working with me. If an athlete is exclusively looking for a “top-down, never-question” coach, I’m not their coach!