Q&A Sessions

Get your burning questions answered.

Our coaches and world-leading special guests answer your questions on training science during our moderated Live Q&A sessions.

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If you missed a live event, check out our Q&A Session recordings below.

Q&A on Cross Training, Workout Complexity, and Pre-Race Nutrition

Ryan and Trevor tackle questions on how running can be used in the base season, recovery for time-crunched athletes, the complexity of workouts, pre-race meal planning, and much more.

Q&A on Goal Setting, Cyclocross Training, Polarized Training as You Age, and Cross Training with Grant Holicky

Head Coach Ryan Kohler and Grant Holicky field questions on goal setting, cyclocross training, polarized training as you age, and cross training.

Q&A: Teleoanticipation and Pacing with Alex Hutchinson

Endurance sports journalist Alex Hutchinson joins Fast Talk Labs to help explain teleoanticipation and pacing.

Q&A on Max Heart Rate, Time-Crunched Recovery, TSS, and Protein

Ryan and Trevor field questions on max heart rate, TSS, recovery in athletes who only train 8-10 hours per week, protein consumption during ultra-endurance events, and more.

Q&A on Nutrition for Long Rides, the Hour Record, and Strength & Conditioning at Home

Ryan, Trevor, and Chris field questions on nutrition, strength training at home, the Hour Record, plyometrics, and more.

Q&A on Executing 4×8 Intervals, Using Scooters in Training, Recovery Walks, and Micro Training Camps

Head Coach Ryan Kohler, Coach Trevor Connor, and Chris Case field questions on how to best execute 4x8-minute intervals, tips on creating micro training camps, and much more.