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Cyclist riding down a tree-lined road

How to Nail Your Next Taper

How long? How much? How many? Tapering can be a dark art, but we’ve got all your questions answered to help deliver you to your next start line ready to go.

FT269 with Dr. Julie Emmerman and Dr. Andy Pruitt

Getting Through Serious Injury

All athletes fear the injury that takes years to recover from or permanently changes their lives. We talk with several experts on how to manage serious injury and find yourself again.

A group of women triathletes runs into the water at the beginning of the swim leg of a triathlon.

12 // Coaching Female Athletes

Learn how to help female athletes reach their potential with the latest knowledge from a stellar cast of experts and coaches.

Man diving into a swimming lane

Workout of the Week: Bon Jovi 100s

Swimming can be an essential component of endurance cross-training by improving cardiovascular fitness in multiple ways. More importantly, swim workouts don’t have to be dull and monotonous. These Bon Jovi 100s will bring back all the nostalgia and happy-go-lucky, feel-good endorphins that make us smile.

Lauren Vallee smiling while crossing a finish line

With Is Greater Than Against

When female athletes are encouraged to work with their competitors—not against them—it raises everyone’s game, as Coach Lauren Vallee knows only too well.

Lauren Vallee sitting in a chair

What Gets in the Way for Women

Body image, underfueling, negative self-talk, comparison—these are just some of the things that commonly prevent female athletes achieving their best, yet they don’t have to. One coach shares her way of turning this around.

Lauren Vallee sitting in a chair

Coaching Resilience, Every Cycle

Lauren Vallee brings a unique perspective to an athlete’s menstrual cycle, viewing it as an opportunity for coach and athlete to build resilience every single month.