Workout of the Week: Roller Under/Overs

Maximize your leg speed with this rolling workout.

Rear shot of a cyclist riding a rolling road at sunset

Power on the bike is created through force and speed. Roller Under/Overs are designed to tackle the speed element. Leg speed workouts for cycling are critical for acceleration and a key component to building capacity at higher intensity. This session removes force and maximizes speed, resulting in a workout that challenges your aerobic and neuromuscular systems. 

This is designed to push just above and just below the most comfortable and efficient cadence you can ride in 12-minute blocks. Most athletes are comfortable between 85 and 95 rpm so that is where this workout is set. If you find that zone is challenging, simply adjust the “under” and the “over” to be the accurate cadence range for you. Similarly, if you are not almost bouncing at 120 rpm, you might want to increase the top end of your range.

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Workout of the Week: Roller Under/Overs


10 min. building to Zone 2

Main set

3 × 12 min. @ maximum Zone 2-3 power as:

     1 min. @ 80-90 rpm
     1 min. @ 100-110 rpm
     1 min. @ 80-90 rpm
     1 min. @110-120 rpm
     (× 3)

8 min. easy @ choice cadence


5 min. easy spin