Endurance Performance Testing and Monitoring—Past, Present, and Future

Dr. Stephen Seiler presents on the history and future of endurance sports testing and monitoring.

In this webinar, delivered at the Kuntotestauksen Webinaari 2021 event in Finland, exercise physiologist Dr. Stephen Seiler presents “Endurance Performance Testing and Monitoring—Past, Present, and Future.”

The event was hosted by Liikuntatieteellinen Seura (LTS, translated as Sports Science Association), which was founded in 1933 as a non-governmental organization of individuals and communities interested in sports science and culture. The society works in monitoring, evaluating, developing, and disseminating sports sciences, sports culture, and sports policy.

As a key center of expertise, LTS is responsible for ensuring that professionals, decision-makers, and citizens in the field of sports sciences and various sports have access to sports science information to support choices that promote sports, health, and well-being.

Reposted on Fast Talk Laboratories with the permission of Dr. Stephen Seiler.