Training Concepts

Periodization, polarized training, interval workouts—your performance depends on how you train. Master the key training concepts in endurance sports and you will look at every workout with new eyes.

Go Slow to Be Fast

The concepts of central and peripheral conditioning help explain why an effective training base period leads to speed and durability in the race season.

Improving Performance by Increasing Sustainability

Reducing cardiac drift and increasing fiber recruitment are key components of sustainability.

Running From Lions

Why our bodies can often fool us, and the signs you should look for during your peak, in recovery weeks, and at the end of big training blocks

This Is an Interval

Revisiting the fundamentals of aerobic versus anaerobic pathways, and understanding more advanced principles of interval training

How to Set Strava PRs, with The Pro’s Closet

Episode 132

We catch up with our friends at The Pro’s Closet, Spencer Powlison and Bruce Lin, to discuss their recent four-week Strava PR Challenge. In the lead up to their attempts, we helped them with training advice and “race-day” strategy tips.

Expansion on Metrics and Formulas

Episode 6

This short bonus episode is meant to clarify that formulas are a useful starting point in cycling and training, even though they have limitations.

Dr. Stephen Seiler on How to Adjust Your Training in a Pandemic

Episode 106

We bring in Dr. Stephen Seiler, one of the world’s preeminent exercise physiologists, to discuss how to adjust your training now that the world is in a chronic state of disruption.

Zones Are a Range, and Not a Specific Number, Featuring an All-Star Cast of Guests

Episode 101

In this episode we look at the big picture when it comes to training in zones, or ranges, versus training a target number. Because what number is best?

Training Triathlon as One Sport with Three Disciplines, with Melanie McQuaid and Whitney Garcia

Episode 99

We delve into both the nuances of triathlon and how training for that sport relates to endurance training and cycling generally.

Bonus Q & A on Interval Intensity, Dirty Kanza Training, and Muscle Fiber Recruitment

Episode 98

We answer questions on interval training and intensity, training for DK in flat places, and muscle fiber recruitment.