Was That the Greatest Ironman World Championship Ever?

Talking to us from the Big Island of Hawaii, we chat with Coach Ryan Bolton on all things Kona and get his expert analysis on some epic record-breaking racing.


In this week’s show, we’re joined by Coach Ryan Bolton for some expert insights and analysis of the Ironman World Championship. Bolton joins us from the Big Island fresh from seeing both the men’s and women’s races unfold in what many have called two of the most exciting races of all time. For the first time ever, the men’s and women’s races were held on separate days, with American Chelsea Sodaro taking the victory in the women’s race courtesy of a 2:51 marathon run split, which was also a run course record. Norwegian Gustav Iden was crowned champion in the men’s event, taking 11 minutes off the course record (posting 7:40:25) and also breaking the run course record with a 2:36 marathon. Both athletes were Kona rookies—and both seemed to execute their race plans to perfection.

As you’ll hear in the show, we discuss the highlights of both athletes’ performances, diving into race dynamics, tactics, fueling, the importance of cooling, pacing, and plenty more. Bolton, an Olympian who raced triathlon for the US at the 2000 Games and was coached by Joe Friel, talks about the rise of the new generation and how the younger athletes are ready and willing to use all aspects of science and technology to raise their game. Whether it’s supershoes or blood glucose monitors, Bolton argues that this is the new standard.

We also talk about the fact that Sodaro is only 18 months postpartum and how her and her coach planned her return to full-time training and racing.

Whether you’re new to triathlon or a seasoned racer, there’s plenty in this show for all to enjoy and learn from, as Bolton also talks about how to get into triathlon and Ironman, as well as the importance of training/work/life balance for optimal performance. So get ready to swim, bike, and run—and let’s make you fast!

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Episode Transcript

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