Potluck Discussion: Ride Nutrition, Two Minute Intervals, and How to Quickly Get Your Form Back

Our hosts have a “potluck discussion” about athletes' different needs for carbohydrates, how 2x2-min intervals compare to Tabatas, and why current athletes can come back much quicker from time off.

Welcome to our pilot “potluck discussion” with CEO Trevor Connor, coach, Grant Holicky, and physiologist Rob Pickels. In these discussions we’ll pick topics we find interesting but which don’t deserve a full episode. Our three experts will break them apart using a mix of existing science and their own coaching experience.  

Do we have different carbohydrate needs?  

The discussion starts with an experience Rob Pickels recently had on a ride that ultimately led to him buying a jar of honey to survive his ride home. It raises the question of whether different endurance athletes have different carbohydrate needs when they ride, and if those needs can be trained or even changed.  

What is the difference between 2×2 minute intervals and Tabata’s? 

2×2 minute intervals are a classic interval protocol compared to what some would call the more modern Tabata style. Coach Connor has used both and raises the questions of whether they hit the same energy systems and just as importantly, if it’s the protocol or simple motivation that determines how successfully they turn around race fitness? 

Why are current athletes able to come back from time off much more quickly? 

Coach Holicky has been noticing that unlike even 10 years ago, current top pros are able to come out of the off-season immediately firing on all cylinders and find their fitness fast after an injury or time off. He’s seen this in amateur athletes he works with as well. The question is whether something changed in how athletes train, or the current longer race calendar is selecting for athletes who can find their race form fast.  

Get ready for some exciting conversation and let’s make you fast! 


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Episode Transcript

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