Potluck Discussion: The Value of Marginal Gains, Attacking in Training Races, and What to Do in an Emergency

In this week’s show, we talk about marginal gains in the Tour, how best to approach training races, and what to do if you encounter an emergency mid-ride.

Grandrieu, France-July 16, 2022: Team,Jumbo Visma Riding
Grandrieu, France - July 16, 2022: Team Jumbo Visma riding in front of the peloton on Cote de la Fage in the Cevennes mountains during stage 14 of the Tour de France.

Welcome to another potluck conversation with coach Grant Holicky, coach Trevor Connor, and physiologist Rob Pickels. In these discussions, we pick topics we find interesting and our three experts will break them apart using a mix of science, humor, and their own experience.  

Do Marginal Gains Hurt or Help at the Tour? 

Coach Holicky asks about what marginal gains the rest of the team would focus on if they were at the Tour. We ended up in a deep conversation about whether Tadej Pogacar focused too much on the marginal gains in the first week of the Tour that potentially cost him the win. We might not have come to a consensus, but it certainly led to an interesting discussion.  

Should You Attack or Sit in During Training Races? 

There’s a lot of reasons to use training races for training—some better than others. But Connor asks the question, if your fitness isn’t great, should you just sit in and try to get to the end, or should you use the race to attack until you get popped?

Find out if you should sit in or attack at your next training race by planning ahead. Joe Friel’s Planning Skills Webinar explains how to develop personal training, short-term, and even sport-specific plans that best suits your needs.

What To Do in An Emergency 

A few days before this recording, Pickels found himself on the side of the road trying to revive a cyclist who was in cardiac arrest. It was a harrowing experience that made him pose the question to all of us: Would you know what to do in this situation? Pickels shares his suggestions from years of working in cardiac rehab.  

We’re sure many of you have had similar experiences. If you have and learned good lessons from it, please share with the rest of our listeners in the forum discussion.

Get ready for some interesting conversations—and let’s make you fast! 

Episode Transcript

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