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Cycling training is a science and an art. How endurance athletes train, when they train, and the intensity and duration of that training all affect the gains and adaptations they see.

Proper interval execution is essential to see the expected progress. How you analyze and interpret all that data is equally valuable. Of course, training needs to be planned so it fits into any given season, race schedule, and lifestyle. Off the bike, the importance of strength and conditioning is often neglected.

This is training. This process is what athletes live for.

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Athlete putting a collar on a weighted barbell

A Cyclist’s Guide to the Weight Room

Cyclists can get a little lost in the weight room. Strength expert Jess Elliott helps us understand the fundamentals of strength workouts and how cyclists will benefit from time spent in the gym.

Free weights inside a weight room gym

Like It or Not, You Should Be Lifting

In this episode of Fast Talk, we explain why serious cyclists should be spending time in the gym, incorporating weight lifting into their weekly programs. We speak to pro cyclist Svein Tuft, as well as Dr. Andy Pruitt to learn more about the benefits of strength training.