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Jonathan Vaughters talks with Colby Pearce on Cycling in Alignment

Jonathan Vaughters, CEO of EF Education First Pro Cycling Team

Long-time friends, training partners, and competitors, Jonathan Vaughters and Colby Pearce have a deep racing history and relationship. With decades of experience in pro cycling, they share many insights they’ve gained about training, coaching, and the trajectory of the sport.

Colby Pearce Cycling in Alignment Podcast

Expansion on Metrics and Formulas

This short bonus episode is meant to clarify that formulas are a useful starting point in cycling and training, even though they have limitations.

Fast Talk Podcast Q&A

Q&A on LSD Rides, Topical Bicarbonates, Group Rides, and Sugar

in Q&A episode, we cover a broad spectrum of topics including sugar consumption and its health effects, safe rates to increase volume, the pros and cons of group rides, the efficacy of topical bicarbonate products, and much more.