Nikki Costello on ELDOA and the Importance of Fascia

Nikki Costello joins Colby Pearce to shed light on the body's fascia system and ELDOA, a method to improve fascia health.

Nikki Costello Cycling in Alignment Colby Pearce ELDOA

Nikki Costello is a lifestyle coach with the CHEK Institute and operator of MyWholeBody. She has worked with Dr. Mark Barnes at SOMA Physical Therapy on the rehabilitation of whole-body health. Nikki specializes in resilience, recovery and longevity. She is also an experienced ELDOA teacher—in English, it stands for Longitudinal Osteo-Articular Decoaptation Stretching—a practice that she and Colby discuss at length during the episode. Much of this practice is focused on the body’s fascial system and repairing or instituting its integrity.

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Episode Transcript

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