Rotational Core Strength Workout

In Part 2 of this workout, Allison Westfahl shows us three exercises to work our rotational core strength.

Once you’ve finished Part 1’s Glute and Hamstring Strength workout, you’re ready to work the core. In Part 2 of our Workout of the Month, exercise physiologist Allison Westfahl shows us three exercises you can do at home to improve your rotational core strength.

Because endurance athletes spend a lot of time working in the sagittal plane, rotational core strength is really important to build, but it often gets ignored. Here are a series of exercises to help improve your performance, whether you need to work on the efficiency of your running gait or how you move in and out of the saddle on the bike when sprinting and climbing. 

In this video Allison demonstrates three exercises: Scorpions, Foreman Planks with Rotational Hip Drops, and High Plank with Four Corner Knees. 

Take a quick break and then move on to Part 3 for a Band Workout for Glute Strength.