Training Concepts

Periodization, polarized training, interval workouts—your performance depends on how you train. Master the key training concepts in endurance sports and you will look at every workout with new eyes.

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Fast Talk Podcast

How to Race and Win with the Right Mindset

Mindset in cycling, especially racing, is an important and frequently neglected side of our training. Mindset is often all that separates the best from second best and can be the difference between reaching the podium or finishing a race.
Sepp Kuss cycling physiology testing

From Collegiate Racing to the WorldTour in Three Years, with Sepp Kuss

Sepp Kuss former rider for the University of Colorado team, now a member of Jumbo Visma shares his experience of transitioning from an amateur rider to a WorldTour athlete. There's some great advice about training, raising your level, and the value of persistence.
Ketogenic Diet

Inside Ketogenic and High-Fat Diets, with Dr. Timothy Noakes

We are discussing research about ketogenic diets and sports performance. Studies have come out concluding contradictory things about the effects, benefits and risks. Researchers have strong opinions on both sides. Will going keto make you faster?

Who Can You Trust for Training Advice?

We are joined by pro cyclist Sepp Kuss and the founder of FasCat coaching, Frank Overton, to dig into dealing with contradictory advice.

Which Is Better: Polarization or Sweet Spot?

Which is better, sweet spot training or polarized training? To find out, we invited in proponents of each type of training — FasCat’s Frank Overton on the sweet spot side, and Boulder Center for Sports Medicine’s Ryan Kohler to advocate for a polarized model — and let them have at it.

Busting the No Pain, No Gain Myth

We are joined by Brent Bookwalter, Lucas Euser, Inigo San Milan, and Grant Holicky to help you determine when you should and shouldn’t push through bad legs, and when you should and shouldn’t do intervals at full gas.

Cycling Roundtable with Andy Pruitt and Rob Pickels

We are joined by Andy Pruitt, an internationally-known fit guru and sports physician, and Robert Pickels, a coach and researcher working at the leading edge of endurance training at the CU Center for Sports Medicine, for a wide-ranging discussion

How to Structure Your Training Plan

Precisely how should you structure a week, a month, or a year of training to fit in between all the time-snagging realities of life? Listen to find out.

High vs. Low Intensity

Have limited time to train? Trevor Connor and Caley Fretz discuss the best way to get the most out of your ride time, and whether it’s possible to substitute long, slow base miles with high intensity training.