Sport Psychology & Mental Training

To optimize performance, it’s as important to train your psychology as it is to train your physiology. Understanding how to deal with issues such as anxiety, confidence, and resilience using tools like self-talk and mindfulness will make you a more complete athlete.

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goal attainment Grant Holicky

The Process of Goal Attainment

Coach Grant Holicky discusses the critical process by which goals are created, and also the method by which they are achieved.
mental ceiling brain psychology Cheung

Shatter the Mental Ceiling on Performance

Physiological improvements are not the only way to maximize performance. Dr. Cheung explores the psychology of feedback, deception, and perception.
empty road through some trees

Meditation on the Bike

Pick a flat or mostly flat terrain, start biking, then listen to Colby Pearce's moving meditation podcast to relax and think deeply as you ride.