Sebastian Weber

INSCYD and the Power of Testing Analysis, with Sebastian Weber

Episode 159

We compare and contrast various test methods based on three key aspects: 1) the protocol, 2) the data the test provides, and 3) the analysis you can perform with that data.

The Best of 2020

Episode 144

We bring you our favorite conversations with exceptional guests from the worlds of physiology, medicine, nutrition, sports psychology, and, of course, cycling.

The Duration and Intensity of Rest Periods Is As Critical As Your Intervals, with Sebastian Weber

Episode 113

Why do we have rest periods at all? In this episode we dig into the details of this question, along with examining different interval types and the appropriate rest for each.

Zones Are a Range, and Not a Specific Number, Featuring an All-Star Cast of Guests

Episode 101

In this episode we look at the big picture when it comes to training in zones, or ranges, versus training a target number. Because what number is best?

How to Balance Your VLamax, with Sebastian Weber

Episode 73

In episode 67 we talked with Sebastian Weber about the concepts of VO2max and VLamax. Now, we discuss how to balance the two systems.

What is VLamax? With Sebastian Weber

Episode 67

This episode we take a close look at Sebastian Weber's concept of VLamax to improve your training.