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It’s often overlooked, and sometimes altogether forgotten. But it never should be. Recovery is just as important to strong performances as your daily workouts and weekly riding volume. That’s because recovery is when adaptation happens. Learn how to master this critical and often overlooked side of the training balance equation.

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FTL Potluck episode 319

Do Cooldown Sessions Help or Hurt You?

It’s a given that after a race or workout you do a cooldown—but is there any evidence this actually helps? The science may say otherwise.

Close up of a man getting deep tissue massage, a type of manual therapy

Understanding Different Types of Manual Therapy

There’s more to recovery and injury prevention than just getting a massage. We’ve got the lowdown on several types of manual therapy so you can better understand the pros and cons of each.

Ned Overend bike

How to Stay Fit and Fast As You Age

Getting older doesn’t have to equate to getting slower. We chat with two world champion athletes who share their secrets of success when it comes to slowing the aging process.

Key Areas of Mobility Thumbnail

Key Areas of Mobility For Endurance Athletes

Moving well is the key to consistent training, but what are the key areas of mobility for endurance athletes? We find out in this video interview with strength coach Erin Carson.

Fast Talk Labs Head Coach Ryan Kohler coaches a female cyclist while on a bike ride near Boulder, Colorado.

6 // Managing Athlete Performance

As a coach, helping your athletes achieve their performance potential is an important task, but it’s rarely an easy one. In Module 6 of The Craft of Coaching, Joe Friel, together with several top coaches, share their experience on every aspect of this journey to peak performance.

Silhouettes of cyclists riding in a group, with one holding their arms overhead

Coach Connor’s Method to Training Recovery

Recovery is at the heart of training adaptation. Without rest the body can’t rebuild and get stronger. This is why recovery is fundamental to how I coach and a focal point for my athletes.