Episode One of The Stephen Seiler Podcast: Dr. Seiler and the Heart

This is our first episode of a limited series recorded with Dr. Stephen Seiler. In this episode, Seiler explains his background as a researcher, and talks about something near and dear to all of us: the heart.

Dr. Seiler and the Heart

Welcome to part one of our three-episode limited series with the one and only Dr. Stephen Seiler.  
Way back in the year 2020, our producer Jana Martin and Dr. Seiler recorded three podcast episodes before she left Colorado for Spain.  

Recently on a rainy day, while digging through the backup server, we were shocked to find this gold mine of recordings with Dr. Seiler. After dusting them off and pulling them out of our archive, we are excited to share some great original content created by Dr. Seiler. Over the next few months, we’ll be releasing these three episodes right here on the Fast Talk channel. 

On the first episode, Dr. Seiler joins Jana and Chris Case to share his background as a researcher and tell the story as to how he landed in endurance sports research. Then, he will talk about the amazing organ that was central to his early research (and obviously important to athletes)—the heart.  

We think of the heart as just being a pump, but it’s also an electrical device, a muscle, and a stressometer for the body. In this show, Dr. Seiler takes us through each of these roles in a way that only he can.  

So, ramp up that pulse and let’s make you fast!

Episode Transcript

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