Fast Talk Laboratories offers services that help athletes achieve any goal or solve any problem.

From testing to strength training, sports nutrition to data analysis, our experts and partner service providers offer athletes and their coaches access to world-class expertise and experience.

The best way to begin is with a Complimentary Solutions Consult.

During your free consult, we’ll gain an understanding of your goals and recommend a path to achieve them.

Sports Nutrition Consult for Cyclists, Triathletes, and Runners

Complimentary Solutions Consult

Meet with us for a FREE consultation! We’ll learn your goals or challenges and share a way forward.

In-Person Physiological Testing

We offer VO2max and lactate testing services with our own, in-house metabolic cart at our Boulder, Colorado lab.

VO2max testing and lactate testing in Boulder Colorado
Fast Talk Labs INSCYD Testing

INSCYD Testing

We offer lab-grade testing without having to meet in person or visit a lab.

Your results will reveal your VO2max, current fitness, training zones, metabolic profile, and how to maximize your training.

Sports Nutrition Services

Get personalized sports nutrition guidance that’s clear and based on science.

We offer a several services, including baselines and race day nutrition plans based on how your body burns fuel.

Triathlon Race Day Sports Nutrition Plan
Guided Triathlon Workout with a Coach

Skills Coaching & Workouts

Get one-on-one time with our experts to improve your skills and fitness—either remote or in person.

Our services include in-person bike skills sessions and in-person or virtual guided workouts for you or your club.

Biomechanics & Sports Therapy

Our partner Dr. Carol Passarelli is a physical therapist who offers services to improve strength, movement patterns, and recovery from injury or surgery.

Carol Passarelli Physical Therapist

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