Biomechanics & Sports Therapy with Dr. Carol Passarelli

Our partner Dr. Carol Passarelli can help you recover from injury or improve biomechanics to assist in preventing sports injuries like knee pain, neck and back pain, shoulder pain, and other dysfunctions. Carol Passarelli, PT, DPT is a data-driven physical therapist who specializes in biomechanical movement analysis for endurance athletes.

With certifications in SFMA, dry needling level 2, and other endurance sports therapy specializations, Dr. Passarelli offers physical therapy expertise with specialties in:

Performance & Recovery Optimization

Through advanced analysis, discussion, education, and movement feedback, become more resilient to injury and perform at a higher level. This service is ideal for:

Strength Training & Movement Analysis

Strengthening and movement will support everything you do as an athlete. Dive into your individual movement patterns, learn how to improve them for peak performance, and get expert guidance on the exercises tailored to your individual needs.

Carol Passarelli Physical Therapist

Biomechanics Consult with Dr. Carol Passarelli