Dr. Andy Pruitt Joins Fast Talk Laboratories

World-Leading Sports Medicine Expert to Contribute Educational Content and Lead Virtual Sports Medicine Clinic

Dr. Andy Pruitt

March 30, 2021 – Boulder, Colorado, USA – Fast Talk Laboratories, the new sport science community and virtual performance center, welcomes Andrew Pruitt, EdD to its roster of experts as Director of Sports Medicine. Dr. Pruitt is a world-leading expert in sports medicine, overuse injuries, and bike fit. Bringing over 40 years of experience diagnosing, treating, and preventing injuries among elite and amateur athletes, Dr. Pruitt will contribute educational content for members of Fast Talk Laboratories and will lead the company’s virtual sports medicine clinic. Dr. Pruitt’s first sports medicine videos and articles are featured in the just-released Fast Talk Labs Knee Health Pathway, which addresses common knee injuries including “spring knee” as well as helpful information for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Learn more at fasttalklabs.com.

Dr. Pruitt, who has worked with Fast Talk Laboratories Cofounders Trevor Connor and Chris Case for over a decade, brings a matchless set of skills from his years of professional experience in cycling and endurance sports. “I’m thrilled to be working personally with Dr. Pruitt,” said Fast Talk Laboratories CEO Trevor Connor. “Andy revolutionized bike fit with creative, science-based innovations that have improved the health of millions of cyclists. Making Dr. Pruitt accessible to our members will help them solve their own challenges.”

Fast Talk Labs Head Coach and Physiologist Ryan Kohler worked alongside Dr. Pruitt during their tenure at two prominent sports medicine clinics. “Dr. Andy Pruitt is one of the sharpest clinicians in sports medicine,” said Kohler. “I can attest firsthand to his expertise in diagnosing and treating athletes’ injuries. He will be key to our virtual performance center sports medicine program.”

Dr. Pruitt is also serving as an advisor to this fast-growing startup. “In just a few short months, Trevor and Chris have transformed their Fast Talk sport science podcast into an up-and-coming powerhouse of the endurance sports community,” commented Dr. Pruitt. “In this time when everything is virtual, Fast Talk Laboratories has an incredible virtual platform offering both coaching guidance and brilliant educational content on training, physiology, and nutrition. This combination of online content and clinic is powerful, and I’m proud to be involved in this new virtual performance center.”

About Fast Talk and Fast Talk Laboratories

Fast Talk Laboratories is a new sport science community and virtual performance center from the creators of the Fast Talk podcast, Chris Case and Trevor Connor. Our Lab has sprung from the dynamic community of listeners and guests of the Fast Talk podcast, originally hosted by VeloNews. We tap the most engaging experts in sports, sport science, and related fields to share their knowledge and experience with our listeners and members through new media formats, live events, and coaching guidance. Fast Talk Laboratories is based in Boulder, Colorado. Learn more and join for free at www.fasttalklabs.com.

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