Fast Talk Laboratories Releases Complete Guide to Polarized Training Featuring Dr. Stephen Seiler, Free for a Limited Time

Fast Talk Labs has released a complete guide to polarized training for endurance athletes which is free and open to all with no registration required through September 29.

This content is open to all through September 29.

September 8, 2022 – Boulder, Colorado, USA – Fast Talk Labs has released a complete guide to polarized training for endurance athletes which is free and open to all with no registration required through September 29. In this new Polarized Training Pathway, Dr. Stephen Seiler, the pioneer of polarized training research, offers a deep dive into this training method used by many elite cyclists, triathletes, Nordic skiers, and marathoners. This Polarized Training guide includes all-new and exclusive contributions from Dr. Seiler as well as from Fast Talk Labs CEO Trevor Connor, COO Rob Pickels, and Olympian turned triathlon coach Ryan Bolton.

In this new Polarized Training guide:

On September 22, Fast Talk Labs will release additional content designed to help athletes further understand the nuances of polarized training and apply it to their own training.  This new content will be for Fast Talk Labs members only (join Fast Talk Labs) and will include:

  • How to Make Polarized Training Work for You
  • Balancing External vs. Internal Load
  • Go Slow to Be Fast
  • How to Build Durability in Training
  • Autonomic Stress: Why It Matters and How to Time High-Intensity Workouts

“Polarized training is a method we believe in because the science is there,” said Connor. “And the science is there because of Dr. Seiler. We are grateful for his work in laying the groundwork for scientific exploration of this elite training method and also for his ongoing partnership with Fast Talk Labs.”

As a frequent guest of the Fast Talk podcast and a contributor to Fast Talk Laboratories, Dr. Seiler has contributed over 45 of his celebrated lectures, webinars, and interviews, which are available free from Fast Talk Labs.

Over the last 15 years, Dr. Seiler has become internationally known for his research publications and lectures related to polarized training and intensity distribution. His work has included both descriptive and experimental approaches, investigating the training methods of elite and age-group cyclists, rowers, cross-country skiers, orienteers, and distance runners. His work has influenced and catalyzed international research around training intensity distribution and the polarized training model.

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