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Fast Talk Labs offers INSCYD testing.

As an official partner of INSCYD, our coaches have interpreted over 1,500 INSCYD tests, making us one of the most experienced INSCYD service providers in the world. We have provided coach education resources to INSCYD to assist new coaches in offering INSCYD testing.


INSCYD is a remote, protocol-based physiology test that has been validated for accuracy against laboratory-grade physiology testing. Professional athletes and WorldTour cycling teams use INSCYD to test and monitor their training progress. 

INSCYD testing reveals your V02max, VLamax, anaerobic threshold, training zones, and more! After a detailed analysis of your INSCYD test results, you will know your strengths and weaknesses as an athlete and know how to train for big performance gains this season.

Questions about INSCYD?

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How INSCYD Testing Works

After you schedule your test, our coaches will provide instructions on how to perform an INSCYD test including a guided audio workout option. Once you have completed the test, you will send us your data files. Then we take care of the analysis and get ready to share your results with you.

What Does INSCYD Reveal?

INSCYD Shows Your Metabolic Capacities

Your INSCYD test results will show your personal ability to burn different types of fuels like carbohydrates and fat at different workout intensities.

INSCYD Shows Your Load Characteristics 

Our Analysis of Your INSCYD Test Results Will Show Your Strengths & Weaknesses

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Fast Talk Labs INSCYD Advanced Tests include:

  1. Clear pre-test instructions
  2. Video walkthrough of the test protocol
  3. Real-time audio file to guide you step-by-step through your test
  4. Your test results documentation
  5. Recorded video of your results
  6. 45-minute consultation with our Head Coach and Physiologist Ryan Kohler with an in-depth review of your metabolic capacities and nutritional preparation
  7. Fast Talk Labs Library Members also get access to our Workshop exploring INSCYD, Forum support, and additional INSCYD content as it releases.

Our INSCYD Advanced testing assessment builds on the Basic assessment by including a 45-minute consultation to discuss your results on Zoom plus a video recording for your future reference.

At your results analysis meeting, our Head Coach and Physiologist Ryan Kohler will offer an in-depth interpretation of your test results to explore your strengths, weaknesses, and hidden potential.

Kohler will recommend a training approach based on your results to help you meet your goals. This approach will include your training priorities as revealed by your INSCYD test results plus sample key workout progressions.

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