Everything You Need to Know About the INSCYD Test

The INSCYD test yields a powerful set of metrics, including VO2max, VLAmax, and an athlete's complete metabolic profile. Coach Ryan Kohler explores the INSCYD test protocol and how to analyze its results. See more on INSCYD and INSCYD Advanced Testing.

INSCYD is a physiology test that reveals an athlete’s current fitness and metabolic strengths and weaknesses—in other words, how an athlete’s body burns oxygen and fuel.

The test results can show whether an athlete should be a stronger sprinter or time trialist, a punchy climber, or an all-rounder.

In this Workshop, Coach Ryan Kohler details the INSCYD test protocol and how coaches analyze the results for both outdoor on-road testing and indoor trainer-based methods. He also shares how to prepare for the test, the equipment athletes will need to take the test, and specific instructions for the test session.

The INSCYD test yields a powerful set of metrics, including a complete metabolic profile, all without ever needing to head to a lab (although you can also use lab data). In detail, the test yields the following physiology data:

Metabolic capacity

  • VO2 max: maximum aerobic power
  • VLamax: maximum glycolytic power
  • AT: anaerobic threshold
  • FatMax: maximum fat metabolism
  • CarbMax: carbohydrate metabolism

Load characteristics

  • Metabolic demands & VO2 plotted against power output
  • Lactate accumulation
  • Fat and carbohydrate oxidation for nutrition planning

Metabolic fingerprint

  • Strengths and weaknesses at a glance
  • Ranked against comparison groups

This audio file for the test will walk you through the:

  • 20 minute warm-up
  • 10-second “practice” sprint
  • 20-second sprint
  • 15-minute recovery
  • 3-minute effort
  • 15-minute recovery
  • 6-minute effort
  • 15-minute recovery
  • 20-minute effort

Video Transcript

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