Maximizing the Physiology and Performance of the Female Athlete – with Dr. Stacy Sims

"Women are not small men" is a phrase synonymous with Stacy Sims—and in this show, we find out exactly what that means. Tune in to learn just how important it is for coaches and female athletes to adapt training so that women’s physiology can be used to harness their strengths—not hinder them—throughout their athletic lives.


Exercise science has historically focused on male athlete physiology. As a result, many well-established training, fueling, and recovery recommendations have not only been less than optimal for female athletes, but in many cases have actually been counterproductive. Yet that’s all changing—and leading the charge in this wave of change is Dr. Stacy Sims. With a background in sports nutrition and exercise physiology—and a deep passion and focus for gender equality—Dr. Sims has already made great in-roads into raising the awareness around many of the factors affecting women and girls as they train, compete and strive for peak performance.

In today’s show, Dr. Sims shares a wealth of insights and research that will prove helpful for female athletes of all ages as well as their coaches. From menstruation to pregnancy, amenorrhea to menopause, there are no stones left unturned in this full and frank discussion. “Make your period your superpower” and “Women are not small men” are just some of the powerful lines you’ll hear in this episode, as well as advice on how the menstrual cycle can affect carbohydrate intake, effective ways to train during pregnancy, and the best ways athletic women can combat the effects of menopause.

Joining Dr. Sims, we have a host of experienced coaches and athletes, including multi-time world champion cyclist Rebecca Rusch, coach Daniel Methaney, author and yoga specialist Sage Roundtree, and top cyclist Kristin Legan.

So, get ready to learn a lot—and let’s make you fast!

Episode Transcript

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